Amy Poehler and Tina Fey doing the Kevin G rap from Mean Girls

Wednesday Apr 30 11:07pm
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Friday Apr 25 01:12am
Tuesday Apr 22 05:09pm
Loner Demo, by Teerjerker


Recorded in a cellar, I had my monitors on an ironing board, and the roof was so low, that high-hat is super loud, but i dig it. You will dig this if you like to cry and be sad, and if the girl you like doesn’t like you. She probably doesn’t, get over it pussy. listen to this band if you aren’t afraid to dress yourself and go out, right after you masturbated.

Tuesday Apr 22 03:44am

Tuesday Apr 22 03:42am

Tuesday Apr 22 03:41am

Monday Apr 21 03:42am
Monday Apr 21 03:38am

Monday Apr 21 02:59am
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